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You've been DIY’ing your marketing and girl - SHIT IS ROUGH. 


👉🏽 It’s taking you 30+ minutes a day to make a post (or worse you're not posting at all)...

👉🏽 You’ve run social ads, but didn’t get ANY sales from it...

👉🏽 You want to convert followers into new clients but you have no idea how.

👉🏽 SEO? Who has time to learn about that?

👉🏽 You’re overwhelmed with the amount of BS on the internet and you’re ready for SIMPLE steps to follow that you can implement.


So STOP right now. We created this program for YOU.

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Why the hell should I join? Because you can't afford not to.

This is your shortcut. What we learned in starting our own business is investing in yourself is HARD but it's the only way you're going to crush your goals. Stop Googling to exhaustion and start feeling confident AF in your marketing because you're getting REAL results.

On average our students:

  • Save 10 hours a week
  • Convert 5x more customers
  • Profit at least $30,000 more 
  • Are 3x more likely to land a job in marketing (or a promotion)

Course 1: Create a Marketing Plan

  • Build an easy-to-use roadmap to keep you on track for a kickass year
  • Learn how to build your own marketing plan based on your business goals
  • Map out your content plan and clear content topics so you're never guessing what to post
  • How to attract your dream clients 

Course 2: Grow Your Instagram 

  • Breaking down the algorithm and how to beat it
  • How to sell online without sounding sleezy, SLIMY, or sales-ey
  • Never wonder what to post again, we show you how to plan content for a month in ONE day 
  • Understanding hashtags and the formula we use to attract the RIGHT followers

Course 3: Master Visual Content

  • Learn how to take better photos with your phone
  • How to setup a shot to make an "instagrammable" image anywhere you are
  • How to create an Instagram worthy shot list that gets you 3 months worth of images in one day 
  • 5 simple steps to edit from your phone to make your photos POP 

Course 4: Website Essentials

  • Implement SEO that gets you ranked higher on Google
  • Get an outline of what your website ACTUALLY needs
  • How to write web copy
  • Know the types of key images your website needs 
  • Learn how to write a blog post that gets shared
  • How to optimize, share + leverage your blog posts

Course 5: Build an Email List

  • Why and how to set up an email list that creates repeat clients
  • What sequences you need to automate (aka set it and forget it!)
  • How to create a lead magnet/freebie to grow your list
  • How to create pop-ups and landing pages that convert
  • When, what and how many emails to send to keep your subscribers engaged

Course 6: Facebook + Instagram Ads

  • 101 of setting up your business manager to run ads
  • Understanding ad campaigns and how to set them up
  • Creating and testing your first ad and measuring your success
  • Install the Facebook pixel (so you can track your followers and website visitors)
  • Create custom audiences to target and set campaign goals

Laurie Dierstein, CEO/Director at REBOOT Mind, Body, Health


"I met my five year goal in just one year. Kristina and Rachael's training program helped me not only confidently market my business, but seriously scale it. My investment was worth every penny and then some."

Are you ready to make money moves?

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Kristina Knapp

Tired of posting to Instagram and not seeing enough growth in followers, likes, comments, and especially SALES? 

Meet Kristina, she’s the one you hire for:

✖️ creating hashtag groups so your dream client finds you 

✖️ creating bomb ass content that highlights your company's strengths⁠

✖️  to have your DM's flooded with dream clients⁠⁠

✖️ to grow your following FULL of thousands of people who actually give a shit what you have to say⁠

✖️ to direct a photoshoot that gives you months worth of photos 

👉🏼 She spent the first half of her career turning failing businesses into 7-figure money making machines, then started @elixirmediaco

NOW she’s here to show you how to make online marketing manageable AND profitable 💪🏽🔥

Rachael Seda

Wanna know how the hell people meet their 5 year goal in year 1?! 🤯

Meet Rach, she’s the one you hire for:

✖️Getting you to the TOP of Google searches with SEO
✖️Developing a marketing strategy to CRUSH your goals
✖️Running successful Facebook ADS that actually convert
✖️Creating e-mail funnels to SELL OUT and have your calendar FULLY BOOKED

Ya know... just the average run of the mill marketing stuff

👉🏼 She spent the first half of her career working for an agency, then started @mixandshinepr with her partner April.

NOW she’s here to show you how we get our multi-million dollar clients RESULTS from online marketing 

April Sciacchitano

🙌🏽 So you wanna rank higher on Google... Get featured on the Today Show... Increase your website traffic by 200% 🤯 

If you're waving your hands in the air like a CRAZY person, meet April, she’s the one you hire for:

✖️ Breaking down what national news is ACTUALLY looking for
✖️ Teaching you how to get your dream clients on LinkedIn⁠⠀
✖️ Navigating the 3rd largest search engine in the world... PINTEREST.⁠
✖️ Optimizing your Google My Business Page so YOUR people can actually find you!⁠

👉🏼 She spent her career at a national agency before starting her own, @mixandshinepr with her partner Rachael.

NOW she’s here to show you how to make online marketing manageable AND profitable 

Leah Laviano, Owner, Blushtones


"If I could PAY you to hire this marketing team, I would.

I went from wondering if this will work for my makeup artistry team to confidently knowing this is the best investment I’ve ever made for my business. I finally feel like I’m in control of my marketing, rather than the other way around."


We've helped new entrepreneurs crush their 5 year goal in 6 months. Now we want to help you.

From working at leading national marketing agencies, to turning around underperforming Michael Kors stores, creating award-winning campaigns that got our client's featured on the Today Show, it's safe to say we've done it all. 

We also know what it's like to leave the corporate world because we've built two six-figure marketing businesses from the ground up.

And now we’re ready to teach YOU how to use the same tried and true strategies so you can be the boss ass bitch you were meant to be.

Start Crushing Your Goals!

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Need to get in marketing shape?
We got your back.

𝗫 Stop guessing

𝗫 Stop wasting time Googling

𝗫 Stop spending money on marketing that doesn't work

𝗫 Stop feeling frustrated

....and START learning how to actually implement marketing that works!

We're going to teach you everything we've learned - from Instagram and social media, to Facebook ads and email marketing, to setting up your website and SEO. 

You’ll KNOW it’s working because you’ll have a steady flow of new customers sliding into your inbox.

More clients. MORE sales.

Less Zero time spent wondering if you’re doing it right.

And access to us (Kristina + Rachael) to help you along the way in our exclusive closed Facebook group.

Heather Romens, Uncle Harry's Ice Cream Cakes


If I could go back, I would've invested in training from Rachael and Kristina on day one of starting our business. But now is better than never. We're getting consistent growth on Instagram and the social ads we're running are the traffic driving fuel to the fire. I can't recommend this program enough.

Stop Wasting Time, Money and Energy on Marketing that Doesn't Work


What we know about you:

There’s one thing that’s for sure; you have a fantastic business and it’s time more people knew about it. 

Here’s what else is true:

The internet is getting increasingly competitive. Every minute you spend wishing you didn’t have to market yourself is another opportunity for your competition to scoop up business that could (and should!) easily be yours.

What we can do together:

We’ll help you do it right the FIRST time. Let our experience implementing digital marketing strategy for the last 10 years be the shortcut to your success. 

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